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CADASTRAL SURVEYS are conducted to establish the exact location, boundaries, or subdivision of a tract of land in any specified area. This type of survey requires professional registration in all states.

Presently, land surveys generally consist of the following chores:

  • Establishing markers or monuments to define and thereby preserve the boundaries of land belonging to a private concern, a corporation, or the government.
  • Relocating markers or monuments legally established by original surveys.
  • This requires examining previous survey records and retracing what was done. When some markers or monuments are missing, they are re -established following recognized procedures, using whatever information is available.
  • Rerunning old land survey lines to determine their lengths and directions. As a result of the high cost of land, old lines are premeasured to get more precise measurements.
  • Subdividing landed estates into parcels of predetermined sizes and shapes.
  • Calculating areas, distances, and directions and preparing the land map to portray the survey data so that it can be used as a permanent record.