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GIS Data Collection
Geographic Information System (GIS)

We carry out numerous internal building surveys, and produce detailed floor plan drawings. Whilst surveying the floor plans, our surveyors are easily able to log additional data whilst carrying out this process; on a room-by-room basis. For example, we are able to log floor covering type, numbers of electrical sockets, light switches, light fittings, computers, desks etc., etc. as required. This is fully user-definable and can be tailored to the clients specific needs. Please also refer to our measured building surveys section, for associated information. If you have a GIS requirement, and would like to discuss matters in more detail, please contact us.

With the advent of ever more sophisticated mapping systems and the continuing need for assets to be accurately geographically located and updated, we are ideally placed to provide a comprehensive data collection service, utilizing our centimeter accurate GPS receivers coupled with hand held laser measuring devices.

Most GIS software systems are supported ESRI Arc-Info, Autodesk MAP, etc. You should contact us regarding Asset Management Data Collection solutions for Utilities, water, gas or associated infrastructure development schemes, we would be very happy to advise or submit a price.