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Infrastructure & Facilities

The efficiency and reliability of our civil engineering consultancy services depends a lot on the advanced facilities we are equipped with. Our professionals use these software and other technical facilities to the fullest for arriving to the most accurate and effective results. We are equipped with the following facilities:

Digital Terrain Modeling and Digital Elevation Model (DTM & DEM)

It is an in-house software development and customization for generating accurate 3-D models of the ground surface for optimizing applications in Transport, infrastructure, Map Evaluation, Telecom Networking, Geology and Civil Engineering. This constitutes of the following:

  • Land Information System (LIS)
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape Modeling
  • Forestry and Bio-Diversity Management
  • Environmental Monitoring & Survey

Considering the kind of geo-technical services that we offer, it is of high importance to make use of latest softwares and research tools. Thus, we have expertise with the following kinds of software:

  • Auto CAD Rel. 2000
  • CAD Overlay
  • CivilCAD
  • ERDAS: Imagine processing software for extracting, developing, processing and analyzing remotely sensed data in digital mode
  • ARC GIS package for data storing/retrieval, display, data management (ARCINFO)
  • MapInfo
  • Mapbasic