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Welcome To Zenith Consultant

Zenith Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with highly accurate and easy to understand surveys and mapping services, produced in an affordable and timely manner at a reasonable cost, using state of the art technology.

Our mission is dedicated towards providing cost-effective turnkey multidiscipline professional and technical support for development interests, regulated industries, small business, and local, State and government entities. We utilize the scientific method approach and are committed to common sense problem solving through our diversified capabilities

Zenith Objective

  • To provide a high quality integrated approach to the pipeline and/or cable route planning and engineering effort.
  • To provide customers with cost-effective innovative solutions using leading edge technology.
  • To provide a consistent high quality output thus giving customers confidence in risk management.
  • To provide reduced planning and engineering lead times through the efficiency of integrating skills.
  • To provide enhanced post-construction security for offshore structures, pipelines and cables through dedicated quality procedures and policies.
We commit to our clients:
  • To derive the most accurate survey possible from a site.
  • To present highly professional plats and survey documents.
  • To complete your project in an efficient and timely manner.
  • To strive to exceed your expectations.